HAPTER: [greek <<apto>> to touch, <<aptomai>> to be touched]

In painting, in cinema, in sculpture, the haptic perception is activated by those artifacts that stimulate a strong connection between the eye and the hand, since the appearance of their surface induces the eye to proceed in a similar way to the touch.


The eyes touch the observed object, and are in turn touched. The haptic perception nullifies the distance between the subject and the object, which instead characterizes the pure aesthetic contemplation.


If “style” identifies the particular and distinctive way of looking at and conceiving reality, HAPTER’s style is a “haptic style” that accentuates the empathic and relational dimension of proximity and contact between heterogeneous entities, between subject and object.

“Haptic perception” is the process of recognizing objects through touch; so instead of just seeing a pair of HAPTER glasses with the visual conditioning we see every other product around us, we enjoy a distinctive sensorial and intimate experience with it.”


A vision that could only be achieved starting from the deconstruction of the traditional eyewear products. In order to re-design them into a soft, malleable, workable structure that creates a relationship of complicity, seduction, tactile and visual sensations with those who wear them.


«We like to think of HAPTER as a cultural bridge between the functionality of industrial materials,
and the delicate beauty of those that are exclusive and emotional»