Technology plays a role in the manufacturing of HAPTER glasses: but, differently from traditional industries, where machines have the long-term mission of replacing human labor, HAPTER industrial artisans, or techno-artisans, humanize the technology. They apply a sartorial approach to it, they challenge it, they push the machine to create unique out-of-standard pieces, one-by-one, reaching a substantial productive inefficiency, therefore changing the original goal it has been built for.



HAPTER is research of design that fits opposites together, blending them to create a coexistence of different industrial cultures and materials.


A union between the rigor of precision Nordic engineering (rational, technical, methodological, industrial), and emotional Mediterranean savoir-faire.


Experimental crafting methods, between the minimal structural concept and the traditional sensitivity of what is handmade.



Thanks to handmade traditional sensitivity, spiced by a true obsession for technique, in HAPTER, materials and methods are twisted together in a new dimension of an exclusive industrial-artisanal process: efficient, linear and sustainable, focusing on the respect for materials.

Creating exclusive manufacturing techniques and design solutions, able to maximize the aesthetic and tactile properties of the objects, materials that are different in nature are combined through special receipts, that are either patented, unprecedented in the industry or simply jealously and secretly kept.


“It was all a dreamy vision of a new concept of eyewear, and a reckless will to do it. It has been an underground journey developing a revolutionary production process to create it It is now an exclusive product concept, a special blend of advanced design, fibers and materials”



Man is again at the heart of the technological, yet artisanal, process: post-industrial artisans that dominate and encourage the progress (rather than suffer its consequences), and challenge the machine, franticly giving life to unique pieces and new methods. It’s an additive approach to manufacturing, creating “the traditional manufacturing of the future”, thanks to the re-training of the «industrial artisans»: evolved artisans that can use their know-how and skills to create the next level of handmade, where technology plays its role.

Since the beginning, HAPTER has placed equal importance to symbolic inspirations and hard-core industrial design, blending a concrete talent for what is “technique”, with a strong metaphysical sensitivity.


For those familiar with HAPTER, this oxymoronic approach to eyewear design can be understood as a continuous expression of gratitude to the lucky retrieval in the Dolomite Mountains, that gave birth to the project.


It’s precision engineering work, combining the advantages of screw-less hinges (natural constant, oil-free, mechanical friction between stainless-steel elements), and the reliability and ease of use of the screw hinges.

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The new 8-GON /ˈɒktə-ɡən/ hinge, patent pending latest innovation, is no exception: while it’s rigorous design and exhausting development took more than 2 years to fine-tune, its inspiration comes from an analysis of HAPTER vision, well represented by the brand original logo.


Precisely milled out of a single block of the hardest stainless steel, the 8-GON hinge is an interlocking solution with a specific geometrical shape: a combination of an OCTAGON and a rotated SQUARE, merged in a minuscule 5-mm block.


Clamped by the flexible surgical steel of the temple, molded like a prehensile hand with 2 frontal fingers and an opposite thumb, when in operations it performs a generous and haptic “snap” effect.